"I’m an adult, but not like a real adult"

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I’ve come to the conclusion I love Ali and Kat more than words and they are my favorite people in the whole world and I don’t know what I’m going to do without them kateybatey5 foxwithatiedyetshirt

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It may seem like I’m a sarcastic asshole 24/7, but I’m actually only a sarcastic asshole 18/7 because at night I actually have feelings.

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What’s it like to work alongside so many other women of color?

yaaaaas uzo, girl. 

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If my jokes offend you:

  1. I’m sorry
  2. It won’t happen again
  3. 1 & 2 are lies 
  4. You’re a pussy

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Most of the people following me on Twitter thought I was having some kind of mental break.


is pushing people away considered a special talent because i think i’m really good at it 

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I just wanna make out with you and cuddle in baggy clothes watching movies and idk maybe put my hand down your pants whatever.

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it takes all of my energy to read a post thats more than 2 sentences

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